Part I: An Introduction to Pathways

Pathwhiz is a bioinformatics web server designed for the creation of colorful, visually pleasing, and biologically accurate pathway diagrams that are understandable to both humans (being interactive) and computers (being machine readable). This tutorial give you a brief introduction on PathWhiz and how to navigate, browse and search pathways and understanding basic pathway structure.

Part II: Pathway Propagation & Replication

In part-2 of the PathWhiz series, this tutorial will give you an overview on how to Replicate and Propagate Pathways. It will also provide a short overview of the basic tools that the Drawing Canvas offers in PathWhiz.

Part III: Creating Pathways from Scratch

In part-3 of this PathWhiz tutorial series, we will give you an overview of PathWhiz’s Pathway architecture and how to create a PathWhiz pathway from scratch.

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