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Text search supports boolean logic (AND, OR, NOT operations). To match a string exactly, place quotes around your search term (for example "acetic acid" will only match the acetic followed by acid, it will not match acetic or acid alone). In addition, text search supports parenthetical groupings, and prepended +plus and -minus operators.

PathBank text query also supports a high-level search interface allowing you to narrow your search to specific fields. To use this interface, simply enter the field name followed by a colon and your query term. For example, to search for pathways which involve the metabolite sarcosine you would search for compound_name:Sarcosine.

The following fields are searchable using this method:

Field Title/Description
pathbank_id PathBank ID
kegg_id KEGG Pathway Map ID
name Pathway Name
description Pathway Description
drugbank_id DrugBank ID
hmdb_id HMDB ID
uniprot_id UniProt ID
enzyme_name Enzyme Name
gene_name Gene Name
ec_number Enzyme Commission Number
compound_name Drug or Metabolite Name