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D- hydantoinase/dihydropyrimidinase N-carbamoyl- L-amino acid hydrolase (S)- ureidoglycine aminohydrolase Carbamate kinase Delta(1)- pyrroline-2- carboxylate/Delta(1)- piperideine- 2-carboxylate reductase (S)-(+)- allantoin H2O Allantoic acid H+ H2O H+ CO2 Ammonium S-ureidoglycine H2O Ammonium (S)- Ureidoglycolic acid NADP H+ NADPH Oxalureate Pi Oxamate Carbamoyl phosphate ADP H+ Ammonium ATP CO2 NAD H+ NADH
dht amaB AO896_29225 arcC lhpD (S)-(+)- allantoin Water Allantoic acid Hydrogen Ion Water Hydrogen Ion Carbon dioxide Ammonium S-ureidoglycine Water Ammonium (S)- Ureidoglycolic acid NADP Hydrogen Ion NADPH Oxalureate Phosphate Oxamate Carbamoyl phosphate Adenosine diphosphate Hydrogen Ion Ammonium Adenosine triphosphate Carbon dioxide NAD Hydrogen Ion NADH
dht amaB AO896_29225 arcC lhpD Saltoin H2O Allanto H+ H2O H+ CO2 Ammon Sug H2O Ammon Ureidog NADP H+ NADPH Oxalu Pi Oxa CarbmP ADP H+ Ammon ATP CO2 NAD